TERRÖR STRIKER "Hordes of Armageddon"


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The second Barbaric Northern Hordes of Armageddon invasion! Black/Thrash/Death cocktail will poison your souls and shake your brains like a good punch in the face!
CBS026, CD limited to 300 copies


released April 21, 2017



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Track Name: Revengeful Hordes of Armageddon
Mass annihilation
Of innocent and weak
Complete Eradication
Their Flesh will burn on peak

Stillbirth Shrines
Our axes strike to crush your faith
Dominance of Death
Revengeful hordes
Of Armageddon
Bleed till the end
Rot to the bone
Turn Their homes to no man`s land
Where Conqueror sits on bloody throne

Stillbirth Shrines
Our axes strike to crush your faith
Dominance of Death
Revengeful hordes
Of Armageddon

End of your times
Generation of Doom
Overlords of decay
Expel the spirit of Christ
Track Name: Left Hand Path
Left Hand Path
Rebellious Spirit
Carrier of Light
Of Morning Star
Ripped Up the Fetters
Of Despicable slavery
He Endows to People
The Foundation of Freedom

Ancient Dragon
Sly Serpent
Tempter of Worlds

Trample The Moral
Humble and false
Exit From Herd
Of Obeying Sheeps
The Path of Light
In devouring Darkness
Denial Of Law
Of Faceless Crowd
Track Name: Cursed Legion/Necromancer
Illuminated by pyre
In Rusty armor
War Take`em higher
They are shadow of their forgotten ardor
Pace of the bane
Antichrist`s cry
Fire and Flame
In Desolate sky

Cursed legion

Bloodstained warriors
Pride of Damnation
Flag Raised High
There is no salvation
Legion of Undead
Awaits for a sigh to attack
Their Fate have no end
And their souls turned black

I`m the wizard of the gore
I`m reading the book of the dead
Conjuring with your ripped corpse
Controls numb mind in your head
Infinity of life that cold as ice
Vector of the undeads mighty curse
Disturber of the godly holy light
Keeper of forbidden magic Force


Vestal knight with holy cross on chest
dying with the splitted skull on ground
I d not absolve his soul to rest
My servants are crushing all around
They are returned from graves on my command
Servants of the ones with blackened wings
Slaves of slavish god cannot withstand
I`m wizard of rotten skulls and limbs
Track Name: Satanic War Metal Kömmandö
Vengeance in blood
Violators of Light
Burning in Scud
Oblivion and Might
Rush forward
Again and Again
No glory ,no honor
We are names ,that you shout in pain

We are swords
That Cut the angel wings
We are poison
From corrupted wellspring
We are fog
On our enemies Mounds
We are fear
When Darkness surrounds

Rotting Wargod of Hate
Lead us into Triumph
Pus Drips from his blade
World is Buried in Violence and Riot

Stench of Eternal War
Death is circle in the air
Stream of Blood and Gore
Your life will end there